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It’s not over yet but the TwitAsta has started with a bang! The bidding on Twitter is ongoing, thanks to everyone who has helped to spread the word.

At 10 am on 3rd June the auction has already raised more than 2.500 Euros for La Cicogna Sprint (a charity for premature babies and their families), a sum beyond our wildest hopes… and bidding doesn’t stop till 10pm on Saturday 5 June.

Some of the Cromobox have been further enriched thanks to the generosity of the producers and Giuliano Abate.

Whoever wins #tyw4 , from Cascina I Carpini, will also receive a copy of the book “I sovversivi del gusto,2” , signed by one of the protagonists, Paolo Carlo Ghislandi.

The new owners of #tyw5 will also receive a book from Carbone Vini, entitled Donne in Vigna.

#tyw9 includes an additional bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP (monocultivar casaliva) kindly donated by Il Brolo.

The lucky owners of #tyw10 from the Crociani estate will receive a weekend of free hospitality in the Crociani agriturismo.

To the highest bidder of all, Giuliano Abate will donate a bottle of wine from his personal reserve, a treat indeed.

It is easy to participate:

If you are on Twitter, just write a tweet with your offer and remember to add the # of the box you want to bid on. If you add also #tyw your tweet will appear in the auction’s general page.

If you are not part of Twitter, you can post an offer on the TweetYourWines Faceebook page or as a comment on this blog. We will transfer it to Twitter.

The delivery of the Cromobox to their new owners will be on Monday 7 June, at 7pm in Genova during Terroir Vino. For those who cannot be at Genova the box will be delivered to your home, free of charge, thanks to Caloni Trasporti, our logistics partner.

If you want to follow the TwitAsta in real time, follow #tyw.

This is the link for the RSS Feed:

Every box has its own #. Here are the links for each one:

#tyw1 ,di  Cascina Gilli

#tyw2 , de Il Mosnel

#tyw3 , di Cantele Vini

#tyw4 , di Cascina I Carpini

#tyw5 , di Carbone Vini

#tyw6 , di Terre Contese

#tyw7 , di Bele Casel

#tyw8 , di Sandro de Bruno

#tyw9 , de Il Brolo

#tyw10 , di Az. Crociani

#tyw11 , di Schemalibero

#tyw12 , di Santa Margherita

#tyw13 , di Il Palazzone


Twit Asta, announcing our on-line charity auction!

Just over a month ago, a group of Italian producers, spanning the length and breadth of Italy, decided to formalise their on-line connections and “Tweet your Wines” was launched.

This umbrella group encompasses producers of delicious sparkling Franciacorta DOCG and Prosecco There is, whose production spans three different areas in Northern Italy, ranging from Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOC to Rosè and Veneto reds. There are Piedmontese gems made by and There is a producer of Garda DOP olive oil Brolo and Garda DOC white wines Moving down the boot there is in Forlì and two exponents of Tuscan DOCGS; Nobile di Montepulciano from and Brunello di Montalcino Further down still we have in Puglia with an impressive range of reds and in Basilicata in Southern Italy who make wines on the slopes of an extinct volcano…. And we have the full participation and support of a distributor, Riccardo Zola at Schemalibero

We are a disparate group working with extremely different varietals and in totally different production areas. Along with our passion for wine we also share a faith in social media and in the unlimited possibilities of “only connect.”

Tweet after tweet another great initiative has taken shape… we’re proud to announce the imaginatively named “Twit Asta” – or Twitter Auction.

The auction will raise funds for the Gaslini Hospital in Genova, specifically to provide help and support for premature babies and their families. Each #tyw producer is donating their wines to create mixed cases of 6 bottles. They will be packed in original Cromobox, the tailor-made boxes created by Roberto Colombo @Cromobox to celebrate the launch of Tweet your Wines at Vinitaly.

The auction will take place on Twitter from 10 am on Sunday 30 May to 10 pm on Saturday 5 June. Times are GMT + 1.Bids start at 50 Euros per case, which is far below the retail value of each box of wine. The highest bidder for each of Cromobox will receive instructions in order to donate the final bid price directly to the association.

In order to facilitate the auction (and since we’re all TwitterAddicts) each case will have a #.

Follow us on Twitter @TweetYourWines, on FriendFeed or on Facebook.

The details of each case will presented next week… watch this space!

So don’t forget: Twit Asta from 10 on Sunday 30 May to 10 pm on Sunday 5th June!

Let’s raise some money for those babies! Viva #tyw !

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