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It’s not over yet but the TwitAsta has started with a bang! The bidding on Twitter is ongoing, thanks to everyone who has helped to spread the word.

At 10 am on 3rd June the auction has already raised more than 2.500 Euros for La Cicogna Sprint (a charity for premature babies and their families), a sum beyond our wildest hopes… and bidding doesn’t stop till 10pm on Saturday 5 June.

Some of the Cromobox have been further enriched thanks to the generosity of the producers and Giuliano Abate.

Whoever wins #tyw4 , from Cascina I Carpini, will also receive a copy of the book “I sovversivi del gusto,2” , signed by one of the protagonists, Paolo Carlo Ghislandi.

The new owners of #tyw5 will also receive a book from Carbone Vini, entitled Donne in Vigna.

#tyw9 includes an additional bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP (monocultivar casaliva) kindly donated by Il Brolo.

The lucky owners of #tyw10 from the Crociani estate will receive a weekend of free hospitality in the Crociani agriturismo.

To the highest bidder of all, Giuliano Abate will donate a bottle of wine from his personal reserve, a treat indeed.

It is easy to participate:

If you are on Twitter, just write a tweet with your offer and remember to add the # of the box you want to bid on. If you add also #tyw your tweet will appear in the auction’s general page.

If you are not part of Twitter, you can post an offer on the TweetYourWines Faceebook page or as a comment on this blog. We will transfer it to Twitter.

The delivery of the Cromobox to their new owners will be on Monday 7 June, at 7pm in Genova during Terroir Vino. For those who cannot be at Genova the box will be delivered to your home, free of charge, thanks to Caloni Trasporti, our logistics partner.

If you want to follow the TwitAsta in real time, follow #tyw.

This is the link for the RSS Feed:

Every box has its own #. Here are the links for each one:

#tyw1 ,di  Cascina Gilli

#tyw2 , de Il Mosnel

#tyw3 , di Cantele Vini

#tyw4 , di Cascina I Carpini

#tyw5 , di Carbone Vini

#tyw6 , di Terre Contese

#tyw7 , di Bele Casel

#tyw8 , di Sandro de Bruno

#tyw9 , de Il Brolo

#tyw10 , di Az. Crociani

#tyw11 , di Schemalibero

#tyw12 , di Santa Margherita

#tyw13 , di Il Palazzone



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